Emilia Development Ltd. is one of Israel’s leading holding companies with a diverse portfolio of distribution, industrial, service and logistics subsidiaries. Our shares are traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (EMDV:TLV).

Focused Business Development
Established in 1952, Emilia Development is one of Israel’s leading holding companies. Our portfolio of some 20 privately- and publicly-held companies are active in industry, services, distribution and logistics.

Since the company was founded, we pride ourselves in maintaining a strong financial foundation, thanks to an outstanding track record of raising capital. In line with the Group’s conservative philosophy and approach, we are uniquely capable of identifying business opportunities and leveraging them to maximize profitability and create value.

Fully Invested
Emilia is fully invested in all its holdings. For the long-term. We don’t look for exits; we develop our portfolio companies to realize their long-term value. While preserving legacy organizational assets, we introduce innovative managerial strategies and practices that improve operational efficiency and decision-making, strengthen management and maximize financial support for business development.

Emilia Development holds a diverse array of holdings, aiming to grow its companies' operations - both organically and by sourcing and improving investment opportunities. Emilia has the know-how, experience and uncompromising commitment to succeed, underlying its business development efforts.

Integrated Synergy
We invest in companies engaged in our core competencies. Therefore, group companies are able to support each other, maintain a broad and shared database, and create a synergy within its quantifiable ongoing activities.

Human Capital
Retaining and developing our human capital is not just an objective in itself, but also a major metric in selecting our investment and development targets. Emilia is able to identify the potential of its employees and managers, empower them and harness their joint know-how and experience toward ensuring sustainable organizational growth.

Our Vision
We strive to conduct a profitable operation ensuring long-term growth while maximizing profit for company shareholders and stakeholders: suppliers, customers, employees and managers.


  • Human Capital - Empowering employees based on a long-term vision.
  • Integrity - Business ethics while strictly adhering to rules, regulations and laws.
  • Growth Culture - Sustainable organic growth alongside mergers and acquisitions.
  • Financial Stability - Responsible and balanced financial management.

To continue developing the values of synergy within the group and among group companies.
To serve as a major hub for products and services for the business sector.
To be the first choice for manufacturers and marketers in the public, private and institutional sector.