Emilia Development manages a diverse portfolio of private and publicly-held subsidiaries in the industrial services, distribution and logistics sectors. These subsidiaries support and leverage one another, share their vast knowledge base and create unmatched economic synergies for growth.

Chemovil Group : Industrial Services

The Chemovil Group is one of Israel's leading producers and distributors of chemical and raw materials to a diverse range of industries, with expertise in import, manufacturing, specialized road transport; waste management; control, supervision, engineering-technological consulting and lab testing. Extensive experience and a rigorous commitment to managing materials responsibly throughout the process and supply chain, Chemovil companies are the vendors of choice for leading multinational brands, manufacturers and retailers worldwide.
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Mendelson Industries Group : Pipes, valves, fittings and relate products

The Mendelson Industries Group is Israel's largest marketer and distributor of liquid flow solutions offering a one-stop-shop for industrial piping, housing and construction, valves, fire protection, infrastructure, control and automation, pumps, plumbing and sanitation products.
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Overseas Commerce : 'Port to Shelf' Logistics

Established in 1967 as complementary solutions provider to port services, Overseas Commerce is a leader in the off-port terminals industry, providing a comprehensive logistics solutions along the supply chain including advanced warehousing and transportation capabilities.
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Emilia Cosmetics Group : Private Label Cosmetics and Personal Care

Emilia Cosmetics is a leading global private label and contract manufacturer for some of the largest retailers and brands worldwide. It produces a wide variety of consumer personal care and cosmetic products private labels of international chain stores and brands in Israel, the U.S., Europe and the Far East.
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Emilia invests in companies related to its core areas of expertise, directly or via private equity and serves as a trusted and supporting partner in several of Israel’s leading industrial companies.
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