Oded Feller, CEO
Oded is the son of Emil Feller, founder of the group. He is a major shareholder of Emilia and act as chairman of Mendelson, Chemovil and Emilia Cosmetics. Oded holds BA degree of economics and accounting from the Haifa University and served as the president of Haifa Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Mr. Feller is the honorary console of Poland in Israel.

Yigal Salhov, CFO
Yigal is a veteran industry executive and joined Emilia Development after a long career with Oil Refineries Ltd. He later served as CFO with IDB Development Corp Ltd. He holds a BA in finance and accounting from the University of Haifa and an MBA from Tel-Aviv University.

Nadav Harari, CEO, Chemovil Group
Nadav began his career in key managerial roles in the consumer goods industry. He held executive positions at Hogla-Kimberly, Intercosma Ltd., and Global Trade Vision. He served as CEO of Teva Medical, part of Teva Pharmaceuticals. Nadav holds a BA in business management from the Tel Aviv College of Management and an MBA from Ben-Gurion University.

Shaul Dancourt, CEO, Mendelson Industries Group
Shaul is a seasoned executive and has served in key roles leading and building large organizations. He was CEO at Danya-Cebus, CEO of Electra Construction and CEO of Minrav Engineering. Shaul holds a BA in industrial engineering and management from Ben-Gurion University, and an MBA from Bar Ilan University.

Shaul Shelach, CEO at Emilia Cosmetics Group
Shaul is a veteran executive with a strong background in the consumer goods industry. He previously served as CEO of Strauss Ice Cream and later as CEO at Strauss-Elite. Shaul also served as CEO of Solbar Industries, leading the sale to an American corporation, and also served as CEO with CLP Ltd. Shaul holds a BA in industrial engineering and management and an MBA, both from Tel Aviv University.

Board of Directors

Joseph Shachak
Chairman of the Board

Tamar Gottlieb

 Ronen Nakar

 Israel Oz

 Irit Shlomi

Yocheved Feller

 Eliezer Sharir